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We want to help you finding the best software and tools to help you during your studies.

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Join NEDIUP and enjoy the knowledge (and notes!) from someone that has already studied what you are studying now.

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The world of technology is always getting updates and we like to follow them! Come with us!

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Entering Uni and having more than 10 curricular units to pass at per year might seem a nightmare! But it isn’t! We are here to help you and prove you that you will make it!

Join us and get to know the best of UPT and it’s IT course and master!

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NEDIUP stands for Núcleo de Estudantes de Informática, which means, Universidade Portucalense IT Students Association. It’s made by people that, besides being in love with technology, like to share their knowledge! As so, we want to share with you what you know, making your life as an IT student even better! Do you accept the challenge?

NEDIUP is for you!

Are you joining us?

NEDIUP is the student association you can ask for help with whatever you need! We are ready to help you with any technical difficulty you might have! If you are studying it, we might also help you with Student Notes!

Luís Teles

Luís Teles


"Success is accomplished by working hard daily, closely followed by a great team."

Mª. Inês Barros

Mª. Inês Barros


"There are no obstacles when you have the power!"

Eduardo Gonçalves

Eduardo Gonçalves

General Secretary

"Persistence transforms the impossible."

Raquel Santos

Raquel Santos


"If you feel that your journey is hard, than you’re doing it well."

João Rocha

João Rocha

Member of the Board

“Genius is made up of 2% talent and 98% persevering application.” - Ludwig van Beethoven

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