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Algorithms and Programming

Dev-C++ (Windows)

Computer Architecture and Operating Systems 

Mars MIPS (Windows or macOS)

Computer Networks 

iNetwork (Windows)

Wireshark (Windows or macOS)

Linear Algebra 

R Software (Windows or macOS)

Information Systems 

Microsoft Visio* (coming soon)

Microsoft Project* (coming soon)

Object Oriented Programming 

Java JDK 8 (Windows or macOS)

BlueJ (Windows or macOS)

Eclipse (Windows or macOS)

Microsoft Project (coming soon)

Data Structures 

Java JDK (Windows or macOS)

Eclipse (Windows or macOS)

Statistical Models


Multimedia Systems

Unity (Windows or macOS)

Adobe Flash** 

Production of Multimedia Contents

Unity (Windows or macOS)

Blender 2.79 (Windows or macOS)

Blender 2.80 (Windows or macOS)

Adobe Flash** 

Other Useful Software 

Notepad++ (Windows)

Visual Studio Code (Windows or macOS)

Mendeley (Windows or macOS)

Visual Studio Enterprise* (coming soon)

*License available in the Azure portal.

**Software availability subject to installation on your computer by NEDIUP staff.

Student Notes

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1st Year

2nd Year

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